Big Changes

Big changes happening here at  First off, I’ve moved from being a little blog hosted at to a full-fledged self-hosted website on GoDaddy.  This gives me sooooo much more flexibility in designing my site.

And speaking of that flexibility… you may have noticed that the site looks completely different! I’m working on turning it into a complete webstore for all the cross stitch patterns and charts I’ve made, with the blog just as one page in that site.  I’d like have a way to sell my stuff other than Etsy, because Etsy has listing fees and other restrictions and it’s just nice to have some flexibility.  For instance, I can now create a single product for each pattern – and then have three “variations” on it to account for the differences between PDF download, printed pattern, and kit.  Much better than having three nearly identical listings just to get the difference in prices and shipping.

Anyway, definitely stop by periodically to see how the setup of my new shop progresses! I don’t expect to start getting sales here too soon, as it will take time to get indexed by Google and all that good stuff, but I’m excited to see where this goes.

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  1. mulinski October 18, 2012 at 12:29 AM Permalink

    I’m also loving being able to create as many categories as I want. On Etsy, you’re only allowed ten sections, you can’t do any nesting, and products can only be in one category.

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