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Knitting again

Maybe it’s the increasingly chilly weather, but I’ve been in a knitting kind of mood lately.  Which is good, because there are some things that need to be knit!

I’ve bought the yarn for Kevin’s birthday present, so that needs to be started and finished before December 3.  I’ll post more info about that one and pics after his birthday, so he doesn’t get any sneak peeks.

Also I got a request on Etsy for another Gryffindor bookscarf like this one:

So I’ve started working on that, which also made me remember that the yarn i’ve been using for the bookscarves (Nature Spun sport) is really not ideal; I use it because I always have some left over from making the Hogwarts socks, but it’s a little too thick and too fuzzy for bookmarks.  So I got on Knitpicks and ordered some cotton/acrylic fingering weight yarn, which I think will be much better for future bookscarves.

And of course, there are always those other unfinished knitting projects waiting to be worked on… I have a pair of socks and a scarf lying around somewhere that I should pick up at some point.

Completed project by customer

I got a message today from Etsy from someone who bought one of my Doctor Who patterns back in September, and he gave me a picture of his finished project! I think it came out really well, so I’m posting it here.  Credit for stitching goes to Robert Hutchinson.

Anyone else out there who’s stitching my patterns, I’d love to see pictures, both in-progress and completed!